We’re Here to Improve The NICU Stay

While necessary and often lifesaving, a stay in the NICU can be a major contributor to delays or impairment in hearing and speech development. Thrive Neuromedical is here to make the NICU a better environment for NICU infants and give them the best chance at natural language development as they grow.

The Dino Egg™

Thrive Neuromedical is developing The Dino Egg™, a patent pending system which enables NICU staff to bring each baby the neurologically rich voice of their mother, right into their crib or incubator, when family is unable to be present.

Daily visitation rates in NICU average are impacted by many factors. When mother and family cannot be present, the lack of “infant directed speech” can negatively impact brain development. The Dino Egg system is designed to offset this problem.  Through a simple app, Mom and family are guided through recording simple lullabies and stories.  That content is wirelessly stored on the Dino Egg speaker, ready for delivery to the infant.  The Dino Egg speaker is covered in a disposable, fully sanitizable cover and placed in the  incubator with the infant. A single button on top of the activates the looped recording at NICU infant safe volume and automatically shuts off after 20 minutes.

Mother’s voice is proven to increase cardioresperatory stability and growth, improve deep sleep, and shorten length of hospital stay in NICU infants.

The Dino Egg ™

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