We’re Here to Improve The NICU Stay

Approximately 10% of newborns are admitted for care in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at birth, primarily due to complications relating to preterm birth (delivery prior to 37 weeks gestation).

While a stay in NICU can be lifesaving, it is a noisy, bright and sometimes painful environment that negatively impacts early brain maturation. Basic neural building blocks critical to communication and cognition are missing or poorly constructed, and speech and language impairments are common in these children when they approach school age.

Thrive Neuromedical is improving the NICU for preterm infants with the Dino Egg™ system.

How We’re Helping

Improving NICU Environment For Baby

A stay in the NICU impacts neurodevelopment for preterm infants, by altering sensory reactivity in the child.  This  is associated with poor neurodevelopment, poorer brain micro-structure and worse neurobehavioral scores and language scores at 18 months.

The Dino Egg™ is specially designed to improve the preterm infants response to language and improve their ability for natural language development.

Improved Language Sensory Development

Preterm infants that are visited more often and exposed to higher amounts of maternal infant-directed speech while in NICU have improved neurobehavioral and language scores at 18 months. 

There is a need for an enriched sensory environment for the preterm infant.

Better Data and Research for Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare professionals and family can review the frequency of use, share notes, and arrange for new recordings through our website.

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