Expand NICU Babies Sensitivity to Language

Thrive Neuromedical is developing a patent pending system which enables NICU staff to bring each baby the neurologically rich voice of their mother, right into their crib or incubator, when family is unable to be present..

Our specially designed app guides the mother through a selection of sing-along lullabies or stories. The app automatically modulates the recordings of the mother’s voice, connecting them to create a 20-minute continuous loop and sends it to a specially designed speaker. The speaker is then covered in a disposable, fully sanitizable cover and placed in the crib or incubator with the infant. A single button on top of the activates the looped recording at NICU infant safe volume and automatically shuts off after 20 minutes.

Healthcare professionals and family can review the frequency of use, share notes, and arrange for new recordings through our website.

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